Tablets are transforming the way educators teach, and supplying your students with these highly effective learning tools is a smart investment.

Yet when 5-8% of all educational tablets are damaged, protecting your investment becomes essential. At Case & Cover Ltd, we collaborate with educators around the world, providing high quality protective cases that help minimise damage and encourage learning, and we are a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) launchpad service.

There are thousands of cases to choose from on the market and even more design specifications to consider. We strive to simplify the buying process for our clients by carefully identifying the products best suited to their educational requirements. We have a dedicated sales team on hand, ready to advise you at every stage.

When purchasing for the education sector, there are a number of essential elements to take into consideration. For younger students, we will recommend an array of our more robust cases for you to choose from. Older students will benefit from our cases that feature built in stands and varying viewing positions, proven to be useful for a variety of classroom activities. We will also advise you on choosing the right screen protectors, from thin, urethane-based film to more costly options such as glass guards, known to last up to 10x longer with superior levels of protection.

We can accommodate any design specifications your institution may require with our custom branded cases options. This includes customising colour choices, a popular option for school houses, as well as well as incorporating custom logos, emblems and text.


We also provide institutions with a range of supplementary accessories to complete your students’ tablet experience:

Keyboards: Our selection of Bluetooth and wired keyboards are ideal for enhancing student performance amongst individuals preferring a more tactile typing method.

Styluses: An affordable accessory which many students find useful for enhanced screen precision as well as sketching and note taking.

Charging Docks, Stations & Cables: There is nothing more inconvenient or hindering to study than running out of battery in the middle of a lesson. We supply a range of charging solutions, from simple cables to multiple device stations, ensuring your classroom never runs out of juice.

Call one of our friendly, multi-lingual sales staff today to find out how we can help you. We have English, French, Spanish and Italian speaking staff available: Contact Us