Visual presence is a vital part of brand awareness for any business. If you’re looking to gain that extra edge in your industry, our custom designed iPad and tablet cases are a stylish and effective way to get your brand noticed at the right time, by the right people.


We can create a unique batch of custom designed cases to feature your company’s logo and personalised finishes. From logo printing and embossing to design tweaks and custom colour schemes, our talented design team can tailor our products specifically to your unique requirements.

Our custom cases are the perfect addition to any meeting, marketing or networking event, enabling you to present your corporate visual identity wherever you go. Not only will they give your brand increased exposure, but the style, durability and refined finishes of our cases will leave a lasting impression.


Our customising options:

Logo Printing: While we can print your logo or design on almost all of our cases, the method of application will vary due to material differences. Some cases will look best with debossed or embossed logos, while other cases can accommodate full colour printed logos. To find out your most suited approach, simply get in touch and let us know your requirements. We are usually able to provide a mock-up of your case within 24 hours; free and with no obligation.

Custom colours: We are able to produce any of our cases with custom colour schemes to suit your business or organisation. For example, we could supply a football club with stylish black cases and crisp white stitching to complement the team’s black and white kit.Heavy-Duty-Custom-cases

Design tweaks: If you have a specific design requirement for your cases, we may be able to incorporate them into our products, such as a stylus holders, document pouches or hand straps.

Enquire today and we will do all we can to meet your specific requirements.