At Case & Cover Ltd we also own a range of physical retail and eCommerce brands, supplying individual customers with a selection of our bestselling wholesale products.

This additional grasp on the market provides us with a unique industry advantage. Because we are in direct communication with the end users of our products, we are constantly gathering invaluable insight into what shoppers are interested in, where the demand is and where the growing trends are coming from.



operlo-logo-our-brands is the main retail brand of Case & Cover Ltd. Through this eCommerce platform, we directly supply an online audience with our most popular tablet and phone cases. Operlo is founded on a reputation for excellent customer service as well as its endeavour to stock the latest designs by closely monitoring buying trends.



cxs-logo-our-brandscXs is a reliable and trustworthy sub-brand for tablet and mobile accessories. From cables and docks to keyboards and speakers, we source only the highest quality of products.






Our AiC brand focuses on providing customers with a range of electronic accessories and USB powered devices.