ChargingcartMany businesses constantly face difficulties when it comes to charging a large number of devices. Our excellent range of charging stations take the hassle out of the process, making charging neater, easier and far more convenient than ever before.

Our charging stations allow for multiple tablets, phones or laptops to be charged and synced simultaneously. Rather than charging a number of devices using separate sockets, they can all fit comfortably and compactly inside a small housing, even when protected with cases. This can be securely locked to maximise security at all times within any business environment.

We also stock a range of charging carts, suitable for those looking for extra ease and portability. Our charging carts offer all the same functionality as the charging stations, with the added benefit of mobility. They feature a large storage capacity while remaining light and easy to manoeuvre from room to room. This allows you to move your devices to a secure location, to be tucked conveniently away and charged for their next use.Docks

We also supply a range of additional charging solutions, including desktop cradles and docks, as well as replacement cables.

We offer an extensive range of products and can cater to your requirements based on type of device, order amount and any other specifications. To find out more, get in touch today: Contact Us