Case & Cover Ltd supply schools, colleges and universities with the latest in compact and portable charging solutions. With a variety of product options, our charging stations are the easiest and fastest way to charge and sync multiple devices at once. With no more tangled wires, clutter, or time wasted, you can ensure each student is equipped when they come to use your iPad, tablet or laptop.


Our charging stations contain several layers of charging cables or docks inside a neat and compact box structure. These allow multiple iPads, tablets, phones or laptops to be slotted inside and charged individually, while keeping cables tidy and hidden away at all times. Each of our charging stations provide enough space to easily accommodate numerous devices along with their protective cases and, if necessary, additional accessories such as keyboards.

We also stock a range of mobile charging carts, highly convenient for moving your devices around to different classrooms or storage spaces. They feature the same capacity and functionality as our changing stations, yet with the added benefit of wheeled mobility.


Charging docks are also available within our range of products, ideal for attaching to student desks or workspaces. They are unobtrusive and neatly cradle the tablet, allowing it to stand upright as well as charging while in use.

We stock a wide range of the latest and most effective charging products on the market, and can cater to your order based on device type, quantity and any other specific requirement. Get in touch today: Contact Us