Heavy-Duty2Tablets are specifically designed to be used on the go and their users are becoming increasingly reliant on them in almost all environments and industries. But from hectic travels to gritty work sites and clumsy child play, some of these environments can be hostile and hazardous to their device.

There is a high demand for cases offering the toughest of protection, as more and more tablet users seek out all-around defence against damage. With this in mind, Case & Cover supply a wide variety of specialist cases, engineered for people looking to turn things up a notch and keep their device safe, no matter what the situation.

Our wide selection allows you to choose your desired level and area of protection. We stock cases that defend against almost any hazard, while always maintaining our trademark standard for excellent performance and superior quality. Specific characteristics of our specialist range include, but are not limited to:

  • Dust & dirt resistance
  • Shock & vibrations resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Water & snow resistance
  • Child proofspecialistipadcases

We stock a special range of heavy duty cases that are impact resistant, shock proof, and water proof. These cases are excellent for challenging environments, such as outdoor construction work and dusty, indoor manufacturing work, amongst many others.

Alongside this range, we also carry a wide array of child proof products that are highly suitable for young children, protecting both the device and the child from harm. These are ideal for use in nursery schools or playgroups.

As with all of our products, we offer complete customisation, so you can personalise your product to include your company colours, branding and design specifications.

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