Whatever brand or model of mobile phone your business uses, Case & Cover Ltd can help you protect your company’s investment at all times. We stock an extensive range of cases, each with its own style and specific functions, in order to ensure we meet the requirements of every industry we supply for.

pinnaclegalaxyWe have a dedicated sales team on hand; available to help you identify the right case for your business purposes. Our ‘Pinnacle’ leather wallet phone cases are perfect for boardroom environments as well as sectors involving customer interaction. With their sleek leather exterior and plush finishes, they are sure to leave a lasting impression with clients. Those requiring a tougher, more robust option for construction, warehouse or manufacturing work will benefit from our specialist phone cases, guaranteed to protect devices against a range of hostile elements.

galaxy-s5-smart-view-vista-caseBecause we maintain an excellent relationship with our suppliers, we are able to offer full product customisation. If you’re looking to carry a strong corporate image throughout your business accessories, we can personalise all of our products to reflect your company colour or logo. Whatever style or look you have in mind, we have an in-house design ready to create the exact product you require.

To discuss the cases best suited for your staff or business sector, please contact us to find out more.